Sunday, 28 October 2007

Dancing the night away

This weekend Global Gathering came to Malaysia and we piled on down to Melaka ready to dance the night away. But there was not a tent in sight. Camping? Never! For us there was a bungalow with pool, and of course a fridge ready to be filled with alcohol and munchies. By 5:30 on Friday evening we were on lilo's in the pool beer in hand. The evening rapidly degenerated and we were soon playing twister and wondering how we had already consumed a crate of beer already.

As the event was being held at the terribly cheesy A'famosa resort we thought we should probably make the most of the facilities and saturday morning saw us at Waterworld zooming down water slides and floating in the wave pool. Not a bad wayto build up to the main event!

And what an event! We danced away to The Shapeshifters and Layo & Bushwacka, got wet in the foam bar, and wore sunglasses in the dark.

Having been very excited about the Retro roller disco I was very disappointed to find my roller skating skills somewhat lacking - although that could have had something to do with all the beers and the fact that my skates were 2 sizes too big. However, I did manage to stay upright a little more than Hannah and Cara! I'm a little sore but no huge bruises luckily!
Unfortunately the weather has been particularly wet recently so I have to admit the field was pretty reminiscent of certain UK festivals. Within minutes I had mud splattered up my back and in my hair and by the end of the evening the flip flops were abandoned completely.
All in all a fantabulous weekend - although I am feeling cream crackered today. I'll definitely be up for it again next year!

Global Gathering

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Feeling Jolly

Couldn't resist trying one of these. I think you'd have to drink quite a few to get 'jolly' but I have to admit it doesn't taste bad. I'll be having this again.

Friday, 19 October 2007

Happy Hari Raya

Today was Hari Raya dress up day at school to celebrate the end of Ramadan. You would think choosing a Hari Raya outfit wouldn't cause too many problems but unfortunately we girls can be a little bit vain and these outfits really do not do much for us. But I'm guessing that is generally the idea. Dee and I did have an entertaining hour trying different outfits on but when we realised we were gathering a bit of an audience each time we modeled one, decided to just grab the least hideous one so far.

Dee, Ed, Jane, Sam (glorious leader) and me!

I have been told that I looked like 'the help' and walking was a bit of a challenge as I am quite a strider - poor Jane even feel over when she tried to walk to fast in hers. I have attached a photo of the year four team - please excuse the fuzziness (I don't think our cleaner had seen a digital camera before) but I think it does give you and idea of the delightfulness of our outfits.


For the long weekend last week I headed off with the girlies to Penang for a bit of culture and R&R. Penang has its definite highlights but also a few lowlights too. Even though I had been told in advance that you don't really go to Penang for the beaches I was still hoping for a bit of a dip in sea - but the foam on the water quickly stopped that idea. And as for Batu Feringhi - eeeuuurrrgghhh/shiver/shudder - enough said! Admittedly I am spoilt on the gorgeous beaches front!

However, Georgetown is a veritable gem and I loved wandering round Little India and Chinatown. Cheong Fatt Tze's Mansion was gorgeous and I have already sketched my ideal home based on his for when I find that perfect plot of land by the sea. Aaah let me dream!
We visited plenty of temples, admiring the ornate carvings and lanterns, but I have to admit we got most excited visiting the chocolate museum. Greeted with the 'Healthy Chocoloate' sign we proceeded to devour all the samples there were to taste. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate covered coffee beans and a variety of fruit filled chocs. We even found 'Cara' chocolate. We were in heaven until we were presented with Durian flavoured chocolate. Yes they had decided to create a chocolate using that most potently smelling, repulsively tasting fruit. Obviously it needed to be sampled and ..... it tasted as bad as it sounds. But don't worry we washed it down with yet more yummy tasting confectonary.

After exploring the Clan houses on stilts on the coast we moved to the Eastern and Oriental for high tea. Dressed slightly informally in flipflops and vest-tops we created appropriate characters and I had a delightful tea (sandwiches with the crusts cut off, scones and a gorgeous array of cakes) in the presence of Lady Elizabeth, Lady Katherine and Lady Josephine. If you are lucky our conversation will be posted here at a later date!

Finally, our tour ended in Love Lane - could the perfect man be found here? ..... Clearly not - despite lingering obviously beneath the sign I failed once again. Hey ho!

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

In Need of a Spirit House

Bad luck seems to be following me at the moment. Firstly, I got home last week only to find my electricity had been cut off. Not a major problem but certainly very annoying. Then my car broke down. Today, not only is my toilet still leaking (mmm delightful), but the washing machine began its death throes and the tv has just blown up (and in the middle of Prison Break!). I really am beginning to wonder what is going to go wrong next.
I'm thinking I my need to send for my Thai spirit house. It certainly lookied after me when I was in Bangkok. It provided shelter for my uninvited spirit houseguest when I realised it wasn't going to let me sleep and, in line with Thai tradition, when I the spirits know that I was going for an interview they assisted me on my way. So who is going to protect my new home? Surely there must be a Malay equivalent of the Spirit House?

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Poorly Beast

(and I'm not talking about me but the car)

You know the day is not off to a great start when the 'work experience' yodler at the mosque wakes you up instead of the melodic tuneful sound I usually hear. I honestly thought someone was standing over my bed, with a loudspeaker trying to convert me to Islam.

Not long later, but still bleary eyed, I stumbled into the lift and as soon as the doors closed I was alerted to a frantic buzzing sound. Aarrghh. I was sharing the lift with two rather irate hornets. Trapped again! After squealing and dashing around while flapping my hands (thank god we don't have cctv in the lifts) I fell out at the fourth floor and decided to take the stairs. Bearing in mind that it is still dark and our building are obvioulsy too tight to actually provide lights on the stairs it was quite a mission.

Amazingly the day passed without episode and I glady left ready to pack for the upcoming Hari Raya break. After dropping Nic at Central Station, me and Ed (year 4 colleague and hero) happily chatted about our upcoming trips. Pausing at the lights in Brickfields I lamented the lack of aircon and central locking in my new vehicle. Both of which decided to pack it in within days of new ownership.

As the lights turned green I put my foot on the gas. Nothing. I turned the key again. Nothing. Rush hour in Brickfields meant untold amount of horn honking and light flashing behind me. Trying to keep my cool - quite a feat in an unairconditioned car - I tried again, but to no avail. Superstar Ed managed to push the beast to the side of the road (helpfully I was in the outside lane!), with bikes, buses and jeeps whizzing by, and we stood around scratching our heads.

Within seconds Alezandu introduced himself as a mechanic who just happened to be shopping across the road. Out came the tool kit and he tinkered for a good 3/4 of an hour while we sweltered in the sun. Declaring that it was beyond him he disappeared off for help.

Not long later Sara (the boy) joined us and declared it was the coil that was bust - but not before every Tom, Dick and Hari had put their 2 Ringgits worth in. Apparently it was not fixable on the side of the road and we were towed to the most rural part of KL that you could possibly find.

Dozens of mozzie bites and much revving and flicking of switches later we finally convinced Sara to nick the coil from a jeep he happened to be servicing so we could get home. Ed promised that we would go back and return it and be fitted with a new one and I have convinced him it would be bad Karma not to.

It has to be the longest journey home from work ever (and prob the last time Ed will ask for a lift), however it was amazing to be so looked after by random people in the street - What a truly friendly, helpful place this is.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007


Since being in Asia I have had many conversations about the suitability of having marble walkways and paving stones of other slippery materials in countries where it rains an awful lot. Barely a week goes by without going for a little slide with visions of broken bones flashing before my eyes.

WhileI have landed on my backside on more than one occasion nothing compares with the drop I took on Saturday. While we were pampered in the spa the heavens opened and the monsoon hit big stylee. As I cautiously made my way back to the car I managed to slip at the top of the stairs and land about halfway down.

Normally I wouldn't share pictures of my 'lower back' but my new mates have had enough of my whining on about how sore it is so I'm looking for some sympathy elsewhere! Thank goodness I didn't land on my head!

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Spoilt Rotten

This youthful girl turned 31 on Thursday - eek! How another birthday crept up on me I'll never know. I was determined to celebrate in a way that would befit someone my age and not with buckets of kamakazi.
The big day started being sung to by all of Year 4 who told me that I couldn't be a birthday girl - but that I was a Lady! Ha ha I really do manage to fool them don't I!
My new buds all spoilt me rotten and I have been showered with pressies and drinks (a few too many judging by how my head feels today). We enjoyed a lovely dinner by the pool on Thursday and I danced my socks off in Zeta Bar at the Hilton last night.

Monday, 1 October 2007

Would you buy these?

I'm all for safe sex but I will never buy this particular brand of condom found in Langkawi!

Langkawi Wowwee!

A Langkawi Wowwee at sunset

Headed off to Langkawi for the weekend and am now completely relaxed and chilled out. Pegged it out of work on friday and straight to the airport. Amazingly our Air Asia flight was on time and we made it to the Frangipani resort in time for a swim and a dip in the jacuzzi before having coctails as the sun went down.

As it is the off season it was lovely and quiet. The beach was nearly exclusively ours and I was able to curl up on a lounger with a book and a few cheeky beers. Not only is Langkawi beautiful but it is also duty free - yey cheap beer. We managed to sneak several bottles of booze back to KL. It was hard work trying to make our bags look light and simultaneously muffle the clinking of bottles but coupled with a winning smile we managed to elude customs.

More coctails with Sue, Lou and Lynsey

The resort was lovely and I particularly enjoyed my outdoor shower! I will be back to visit again definitely.

How many showers can I fit in a weekend I wonder?