Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Top of the list of Kris's things to do on his visit was a day at the Sepang Circuit for the MotoGP. What a great day! Noise, speed, leathers! Awesome. The races were exciting and by the end of them I could just about tell the bikes and the riders apart as they zoomed past in a blur. Rossi won, and it was amazing to watch him get closer and closer to the guy in pole as each lap passed until he finally overtook him and left him for dust. I can just about hear again and my sunburn has nearly disappeared. Definitely up for watching that again.

Petronas Towers

After over a year in KL I've finally made it up to the viewing deck of the Petronas Towers! Although I have visited these iconic buildings regularly and use them instead of a compass around town I have never actually made it up them. Luckily for me Kris came to visit from Bangkok and it was on his itinerary of to dos, so up we got early and queued with the masses.

We did have to sit through what can only be described

as an 8 minute long advert for Petronas it was a lovely trip. Unfortunately it had rained, again, so the view wasn't that great, but there definitely a feeling of being somewhere special. Admittedly I was a tad concerned when the video told me the platform was suspended between the buildings and not really attached, and that when the wind blows it can sway up to 75 cm, but I soon got over that and started pointing out landmarks to Kris.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

And yet more luxury!

This year my birthday coincided with the Hari Raya celebrations celebrating the end of Ramadan, so it was clearly an excuse to go away for a few days. Having made the most of my contacts here in KL we headed to the Berjaya Resort and Spa in Redang on a special package with an upgrade thrown in. Looking forward to my sea view room I was a little concerned when the Manager said that they were very full until he asked if we would mind being upgraded again to a suite!! I'm telling you I really could get used to living the high life. It was a beautiful apartment and I miss the glorious bathroom when I'm attempting to wake up under the comparative trickle that is my shower in my pokey ensuite.
The weather was beautiful, the sea crystal clear and my sun lounger just close enough to the refreshments. I was also treated to a session in the spa on the birthday - fantastic! Some wine and a very naughty cheese platter finished the day off perfectly. No dancing til dawn though - does that mean I'm getting old? Hope not!