Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Food Glorious Food

The headlines last week were Your Friends Make you Fat. Eeeeek! I had visions of anorexic wannabees dumping their larger friends in case they caught their fat. Were we going to have to create refuges for big boned people?

But on further consideration I realised that it is probably an element of truth in this. Just as we hang out with people who have the same taste in music, support the same team and have the same interests, so we also hang out with people who eat in the same way.

I hate sitting with a skinny little wench who pushes a piece of lettuce around her plate while checking how many calories she has just consumed in her weight watchers pocket guide. Food is great and eating should be an enjoyable experience.

I have just spent a fantastic week in Rye with the girls. The weather was great, the cottage gorgeous and the local menus fantastic! We spent lots of time deciding where to eat and, truth be told, a lot of time eating. There was no skimping on portion sizes in Rye and we had some amazing dinners.

I don't care if my friends make me fat. I had such a good time enjoying their company over a King prawn tagliatelli and a glass of wine. Bring on the bulge!

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