Wednesday, 30 April 2008

All for Charity Daaahling!

I'm currently exhausted by the organised chaos that is charity day. All in a good cause we were raising money to send children at an orphanage to school and to help kids to have a cleft operation that would otherwise be out of their reach.
It was left up to the kids to organise so there was a lot of water, gunge and hairspray Dee and I sized up to each other on the balance beam and had probably the shortest pillow fight in history - I really have no sense of balance. I had my nails polished by a seven year old and I particularly enjoyed the game where I got to throw water bombs at the kids in my class and couldn't believe it when I actually got prizes for hitting them!
Amazingly, I managed to stay out of the stocks and remained dry and gungeless. The kids had a great time and nana came home for a nap afterwards.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Cover those Curves!

Iran's top prosecutor has today tried to ban the import of Barbies into Iran claiming they have negative social consequences. In a country where women are expected to cover up Barbie's skimpy outfits are somewhat out of place. However, instead of Sara and Dara (the local version of Barbie and Ken which never took off) perhaps Iranians should try and import Burqa Barbie and Hijab Barbie as found on shelves here in Malaysia. They are quite the hit!

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Rainy Days and Traffic

Forget Mondays. Rainy days and traffic get me down! I'm at breaking point and seriously close a hideous bout of rain rage. It is grey and dull more than bright and sunny - I'm telling you I didn't sign up for this! I'm spending far to many evenings cowering from the lightening during yet another almighty thunder storm and my body is so used to jumping out of my skin that I'm now doing it involuntarily throughout the day. I have to admit though that it is quite fun watching the sky light up with each strike of lightening and it is awesome watching it hit the skyscrapers that dominate the skyline.

But apart from dampening both me and my spirits each downpour has the additional side effect of snarling up the traffic. I edged forward at such a pathetic pace on saturday night that it took nearly 2 hours to do a 20 minute journey, and the traffic cops on Tuesay only exacerbated the problem with their misguided attempts to regulate the traffic - they really should leave it up to those of superior intelligence - the traffic lights! I'm starting to develop muscles in my clutch leg that I never new existed and I'm regretting not getting an automatic just for the city traffic. However, I am glad I've got the jeep so at least I know that I can sail home through the flooded roads without the car leaking!

Anyway, rant over.....for now.

Friday, 18 April 2008


I'm a Nana! For my recent trip I decided that I couldn't take all my pills and potions that currently keep me functioning or I wouldn't be able to pick up my bag, so I succombed and bought a pill organiser! Not what you would find in a normal 31 year old woman's overnight bag, but unfortunately it was a necessity - only just fit them all in! However, it may be resigned to the cupboard til my 80's soon as I am no longer popping quite as many pills - hoorah - I no longer rattle!

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Bad Girl

I'm turning into a bad driver! I recieved my first ever speeding ticket and have had to present myself at the police station to pay my rather hefty fine. I'm shocked at myself. I always pay special attention to speed limits (hmmm speed cameras) and couldn't believe I was doing 106 in a 60! Whoops. In my defence it was roadworks with a riduculously low limit and I was keeping up with the other traffic.

I may now be a bad driver but it's not my fault, I really have no choice.

When I leave the SMART tunnel and join the fast lane of the motorway (who thought of that design I wonder) I have less than 100m to cross 5 lanes of speeding traffic to get off at my exit. Hesitation is for the weak. The only thing to do is stick on that indicator and veer purposefully to the left - my fellow road users soon get the idea, although my heart does race!

It also seems that the best way to deal with the hideous jams is to create a new lane. Three lanes of crawling traffic clearly is not enough. So why not fit in two more lanes to perfect that carpark effect on major roads. I am now amazingly adept at switching between these faux lanes as I try to inch my way forward before anyone else can push infront of me.

Can't find a car parking space? Forget double parking - try triple parking. After all you won't be that long in the bank surely. That horn honking could be at anyone. Best not get paranoid!

What about the carpark in Megamall? I've taken to stalking. I menacingly trail people who are ambling back to their cars. Failing that I abadon it where ever I can - it really seems to be the the thing to do. If it fits - leave it there.

I don't think my car approves though and keeps playing up! It's just back from the garage though and apparently has a clean bill of health so we will be tearing up the roadways again soon. Watch out!

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Memory Lane

How quickly a year goes by! I realised that the last photographs I printed to put into an album were of my Philippines trip last easter. So instead of letting all my photos languish on my laptop I spent a very entertaining couple of hours going through a years worth of memories deciding which ones to print. It is amazing how much you actually do in one year! If you don't print your photos regularly I highly recommend sifting through them.

Bukit Fraser

I'm just back from a lovely relaxing weekend at Frasers Hill, of Little England as it is dubbed locally. Just a couple of hours out of Kuala Lumpur you can experience a cooler climate mixed with some colonial charm. We stayed at The Smokehouse complete with wooden beams, open fires, old english artwork, cream teas and four poster beds. We wandered some of the trails around the town, managing to only get leached once (me) and enjoyed the birdsong and monkey calls we were treated to this morning. A lovely way to end the Easter holidays. Do I really have to go back to school tomorrow?

Tuesday, 1 April 2008


The Easter break saw me headed off to the Perhentians for a week on a tropical island paradise. Ready for a relaxing few days reading and chilling on the beach I excitedly checked into my accomodation, Moonlight chalets. Back to my budget roots I had chosen long beach to stretch my cash as far as it would go. The room was basic but I couldn't really expect more for 40RM (a fiver) a night. As I settled down for an early night I was slightly peturbed by the scratching sounds below me, but as the long house was on stilts I reasoned that it was some creature scrabbling around underneath. However, when I entered the bathroom to clean my teeth I disturbed a nimble rat who looked very much at home. Thinking I had scared it away I continued to clean my teeth when it's friend decided to come and join it. It took one look at me and decided to peg it home - which turned out to be UNDER THE BED! Now I can cope with most things but I am not willing to share a room with rats. I insisted that I was moved (which was not received well by the grumpy owner) and ended up in a room that smelt of sewage. Although I didn't sleep well I was up bright and early and checked into Matahari, a much improved budget option.

Feeling a bit happier with my choice of destination I headed down to the beach to unwind with my book. However, not long after, I was disturbed by sounds associate more with building sites than beaches. Looking up in the direction of the sound I saw a rather large jcb heading down the beach. Not impressed.

I didn't last a week on the Perhentians - I wasn't overly enamoured with Long Beach and unfortunately I spent the days I was there feeling quesy and ralphing (again). I will give it another chance - but definitely on another beach.


The other weekend saw us at a local Brazilian Churrascaria for some grub. In other words all you can eat MEAT. Although we did help ourselves to the salads and sides on offer we were really there for all the varieties of meat, barbecued and served on a sword. We were each given a laminated card to place next to our plates. The green side let the waiters know that yes we would like to served with the next delicious portion of succulent beef, and the red side informed them that we were full. Unfortunately I was there with all boys, so the meal immediately turned into a competition. Who would fold first? I hate to admit it but it was me!

But I suppose I do have an excuse. Having been very over excited about feeling better I have to admit it I overdid it slightly what with the ball, meat, a bottle of wine, a curry and an evening of strawberry daquiries in just over a week. I am now suffering and will believe the doc when he says in moderation or not at all. Silly Ali.