Saturday, 30 June 2007

Not a hangover cure

After a heavy night the first thing you want to see in the morning is not this!

It seems there was a ceremony to bless our building after renovating the lobby and this was the offering. Mmmm. I will add that these renovations started in January and finished yesterday! Thai time indeed!

Goodbyes at the Bulls Head

Once again the Bulls Head was the place to be last night. Not only was it the last Friday of the month and therefore cheesy disco time, but Billy (the fabulous manager) suggested that I have my leaving bash down there on the same night. Super turnout, lots of drinks, silly dancing – a great way to say goodbye. Cheers!

So if you are at a loose end in Bangkok why don’t you head down the Bulls Head and buy a drink from this man. Toss the Boss every Sunday and of course my favourite friday disco. Ah, the times we’ve had……

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

33°C to -5°C in Ten Seconds!

Yes that is me shivering in the snow and yes I am still in Thailand! But how I hear you cry. No it is not climate change gone crazy – it was infact our Year 3 trip to Dreamworld.

You may wonder how I managed to blag that as yes school trips are supposedly meant to be of educational value - so I am currently congratulating myself on my cunning. Picture this if you will. Your topic this term is weather around the world. Your class of 7 year old Thai (mainly) students have not quite grasped how bitter the weather is during winter in less tropical countries. You don’t want to talk in the abstract, you want your students to experience the biting cold, to see their breath and of course to enjoy a snowball fight. But a flight to the South Pole is out of the question so the next best thing is of course Snow Town at Dreamworld.

So “educational value”: experiencing a different climate (tee hee)
Objective of the trip: To have fun!

And fun we had. Apart from the 45 minutes in Snow Town. Admittedly the first 10 minutes were fun. I threw a snowball and went sledging down the artificial snow hill. After that I lost the feeling in my fingers and toes and swore there and then never to return home during winter.

After that though off we went to Thunder Rapids, Space Mountain and the Super Splash. I was wet from 11am till I got home and had a hot shower and am hoarse from screaming so much. Yes I was more wet than the kids and, as anyone who knows me will testify, I am extremely afraid of heights. Teetering at the top of the log flume was almost too much for me, but plummeting down to the lake below was great. However, there are a number of scaredy cats in my class and nearly half of them had to exit the haunted mansion by the fire exit before their wailing competed with that of the ghosts and ghouls!

So I have shared my best professional blag and now I want to know: What is your best blag? Go on dare you to comment and share – you know you want to!

Monday, 25 June 2007


Bangkok is a city where the words traffic and jam fit together like lovers and gridlocked roads are read out on the radio like casualty lists. I have lost days sat in the back of taxis on the road to no-where. There is no real expectation in Bangkok to be on time anywhere and 'traffic' can always be cited as an excuse for tardiness. Strangely there is no set rush hour and you can be caught in a jam at any time of day. Why there is stationary traffic at 4am I do not know - surely not everyone has been out partying till dawn? Luckily taxis are cheap - I have emerged from an hour and a half journey with only a 130Baht charge (2 pounds!) - but the time spent fidgeting on the back seat can be immensely frustrating. So I will not miss Bangkok traffic.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Recipe for a Great Hen Night

Take 6 girls and marinade in Bollinger.
Decorate with tiaras.
Place in a swanky bar and soak with white wine.
Fill with fajitas and burritos.
Add several jugs of strawberry margaritas.
Mix in some challenges.
Surround with men fresh from Ireland.
Finally, transfer to a disco and shake to cheesy music.

Thursday, 21 June 2007

The Sound of Music

So Ange ( has tagged me to do this music meme and she is hassling me about being slow about it. But it’s hard! Or maybe it just proves how indecisive I am, how little I really know about music, what random music taste I have and what major swings my moods take. I have found it too difficult to choose the 3 songs that are guaranteed to put a smile on my face, 5 traveling must haves and my number 1 album of all time.

If you asked me these questions at 15, 18, 21 and 25 I would give you completely different choices. If I had to complete the same questionnaire tomorrow or next week I am sure I would change every answer. What I listen to really depends on my mood. I love different songs at different times and for different reasons. And as for choosing one album as my all time favourite – not a chance – it would feel like cheating on all my other favourite bands and albums. (Try not to read too far into my commitment issues please!).

However, so as not to let the lovely Ange down completely here are my current top 5 most played albums on my i-pod:

1. The Hives – Your New Favourite Band (I just love singing along to A.K.A I-D-I-O-T. especially after a particularly annoying day at work.)
2. Kasabian - (It is my current getting ready for a night on the town album)
3. James – The Best of James
4. Kathryn Williams – Little Black Numbers ( great to chill out or fall asleep to)
5. Red Hot Chilli Peppers – By the Way (need I say more?)

However, all this music talk has got me thinking of more things that I will miss when I leave. Hope this will do as my alternative music meme Ange.

1. The National Anthem – We sing the national anthem at school every day and I just love watching my kids standing up dead straight and belt out the words, followed by a bow towards the flag. Bless! Needless to say in this patriotic country that is not the only time I hear the national anthem. It is played on the radio at 8am and 6pm everyday as well as in government offices and at skytrain platforms. It is fantastic watching commuters stop in their tracks and stand to attention for the duration of the song. I can’t imagine it happening in London!

2. The King’s Song – this is such a moving piece of music and on more than one occasion it has brought tears to my eyes. Although it can be difficult to heave myself out of my first class lounger seat in the cinema it makes the whole cinema experience for me.

3. Bu de de der! – I love Thai pop! I am currently trying to find NowThai! There must be one CD with all my favourites on. Unfortunately although I can sing along to many of them (although I would imagine the ‘thai’ I sing is not making any sense) I don’t have a clue what the bands or even the songs are called. I have tried singing my top favourite in a record store but got laughed at. Can anyone help me?

Monday, 18 June 2007


Last night I sat with the lights off and watched the lightening create forked patterns in the night sky. I love watching storms from the comfort of my living room and I will miss these brilliant light displays. I’m sure I will have plenty more to watch in KL, and hopefully I will have as good a view out of my apartment window.

However, I will not miss getting caught outside in torrential downpours. On Saturday we stood waiting for taxi outside Chatuchak with plastic bags (given to us by a friendly stall owner) on our heads with the waters rapidly rising around our ankles. We were drenched. I will not miss wading through the dirty waters of flooded sois wishing I had wellies and not flip flops on, just hoping that I don’t tread in anything too revolting.

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Fruit Shakes

You just can't beat a mango shake. I love them. I'll miss a good Bangkok shake.

Soi 7

I am really going to miss my soi. It is a hive of activity with sights and smells to delight all the senses. You can find fresh fruit and veg, beautiful flowers and any number of food vendors all within a stroll from my condo. Soi 7 is also home to my favourite restaurant and my friendly, much visited, massage parlour. But why walk? I’m sure if you sat on the steps outside the condo everything you need would come to you. This morning the Som Tam lady parked her trolley of tasty delights outside, the feather brush guy cycled his wares past and the fruit man stopped his car and sold some delicious looking rambutans. There is always something going on to catch your attention and I will miss weaving through the throng that gather here.

Monday, 11 June 2007

Mad Dogs

Mojo's was the venue for the Bangkok Netball League's end of season bash and the theme was school uniform. Messy is the only word to describe it as we acted the part of giggling schoolgirls, even signing each others shirts with permanent marker as we did years ago when we finally left school. So this is the end of my bangkok netball career (and thankfully my role as treasurer!) but I'll miss Monday nights (and of course the non-sport oriented nights out and trips) with the girls - and, unlike our catchphrase for the evening, I am boverd. Mad Dogs rock!

Monday, 4 June 2007


You smell it before you even hear the bell on his bike or see him come round the corner. The odour assualts your nostrils, churns your stomach and ruins the taste of your beer. Yes he is the fish man and I will NOT miss him! It horrifies me that anyone would contemplate buying, let alone allowing this 'delicacy' near their tastebuds. Surely it should not be considered a bar snack? I can't imagine it will help the morning after. So bye bye fish man, so long, farewell.

A month left!

I can't believe it! Where has the year gone? I only have one month left in Bangkok..... I'm full of mixed feelings. Looking forward to the adventure and challenge of a new city and a new job, but am so sad to be leaving some fab friends and a great city behind.

So for the next month I will mainly be blogging about the things that I am going to miss, and some that I'm definitely not. I know that, particularly as I am staying in asia, this may not be the last time I will experience some of these things, but they are an integral part of my Bangkok experience and so I feel they should be noted as such. I didn't mean to start on a negative, but lets just say that it is fresh (or not so fresh) in my mind.

Sunday, 3 June 2007


After a successful, but warm and sticky, trip to Chatuchak shoppers should be rewarded with several beers in Vivas (possibly the best placed bar in the world). However, mix this with 1000Baht still burning a hole in your pocket and a new best friend egging you on and the result is this impulse purchase……..
Isn’t it just fab!

Sunny Samet

Sun, sand and Singha. What more do you need at half term!