Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Elephant Invasion

Judgement day is tomorrow! Well for the Thai Rak Thai and Democratic Party in Thailand. Tomorrow it will be decided if they acted fraudulently in the last elections and, if so, whether the parties should be dissolved. Needless to say this raises all sorts of issues and there are so many groups with differing viewpoints, it is clear that someone will not be happy with the verdict. For my part I wonder: How will fair democratic elections be held in September (as promised after the coup) if the two main parties are dissolved?

But back to tomorrow. The rumour is that 99 Elephants are marching on Bangkok as I write. Will they stampede the court house? Trample a corrupt official? Stage a coup and take over the city? Who knows! However 13,000 troops are being mobilized to maintain peace and hold anyway wayward elephants as political prisoners.

Rumours abound, but both Thai Rak Thai and the Democratic Party claim that they are not holding any marches or protests, however clearly the authorities do not believe them and embassies are suggesting caution. Whatever the outcome tomorrow, hopefully it will be a peaceful one.

(for members of my family who may be concerned: I will be on the beach and not taking part in any political marches).

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