Sunday, 20 May 2007

I'm a Whistle Blower!

Although I do have a whistle at school it is a low quality plastic imitation with a pathetic little toot, so it was only this week at netball that I experienced the true power of the whistle. I have been seduced by its authority; its whisper of glory, the knowledge that men will cower at its sound and cities will fall. It is my preciousssss.

My Thai education is now complete – I understand the thrill of whistle blowing. Walk blindfolded down any street here and you would think you had stumbled into the midst of a gay pride march. The sound of traffic is continually punctuated by the insistent trills of uniformed young men with their silver artillery. Intended to direct traffic out of condos and sois it is unclear if there is an actual whistle code. Does a short burst mean go or stop? Never fear for the shrill ear-piercing whistles are usually accompanied by frantic arm waving and the stares of men possessed. If you have misunderstood the intention of the whistle then a crescendo of penetrating screeches will follow until windows shatter and babies cry. This headache triggering, irritability inducing phenomenon that haunts Bangkok used to infuriate me, but now I too am governed by a new master. It will not be long until the one true whistle will rise again. One whistle to rule them all, one whistle to find them, one whistle to bring them all and in the darkness bind them. It will be in Bangkok where the battle for the sanity of middle earth will come to pass.


strudel said...

When you take a taxi, you can never know where you may be driven-

lillian said...

SOOOO well writen. My daughter12 who just watched Lord of the Rings, and hates those whistles enjoyed it to :-)

Ali said...

Tolkien is probably turning in his grave!