Friday, 28 December 2007

Christmas in paradise

Forget Odysseus' epic journey back from the battlefields of Troy, our journey from Langkawi to Koh Lipe was was far more hideous. Admittedly the early start wake up call was not a great start, but our hour ferry to the Thai mainland took a little longer than an hour and we were able to watch the whole of the Bourne Ultimatum in Thai. Once there we were told we couldn't get a ferry from there to Lipe but would need to get a taxi to Pakbara. Not a problem you would think, unless you had a driver who was refused to admit that he was lost and drove in perpetual circles while pretending to be finding us an atm. Happily we just boarded the next ferry to Lipe - a 2-hour trip and we would be there. Four and a half hours later squished together with fruit, plants, miscellaneous nik-naks and of course lots of other travellers we finally sighted our destination. Hoorah! Limping up the beach we checked into our huts and collapsed for a beer. After explaining our 12 hour journey the barman he collapsed in hysterics and informed us that there was now immigration on Lipe and we could have done the journey in an hour! Hmmmm not impressed.
However, the journey was well worth it. Our beach on Lipe has to be one of the most gorgeous I have visited. White sand, sun and Singha - what a way to spend Christmas. Of course we were also surrounded by national park so were able to enjoy snorkelling in crystal clear waters and relaxing on uninhabitied islands. I think this won't be my last visit to Lipe. Highly recommmended.

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