Friday, 18 January 2008

Big Brother

A reminder that censorship is alive and well here in Asia the papers today reported the 3 month live broadcast ban imposed on 8TV and specifically on Faizal Tahir. His crime? Taking off his shirt during a live televised concert to reveal the superman logo painted on his chest! Apparently this is offensive to Malaysians. I wonder what they would make of some British TV?

Meanwhile the radio stations are single-handly trying to educate the general public as to how to improve their moral conduct. Despite the assumption that their audience are moronic I actually quite enjoy these public service announcements - it has to better than listen to the inane chatter of the DJ's.

Some of these include:

Don't leave your baby unattended when you are shopping, this is an invitation for childsnatchers.

Don't walk through graveyards or dark areas at night. If you think you are being followed trust your instincts and take a taxi.

A simple please and thank you go a long way!

But the Winner is:

If you see a blind person trying to cross the road, slow down! Chances are they won't have seen you!

Too good to be true!!!!

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Random Australian Guy said...

Or the cracker I heard on the radio this morning:
"When the lights turn green, always make sure you check to make sure the road is clear. There's probably still someone coming through the other way."