Friday, 11 January 2008


Having managed to get over my crisis at turning 30, and the mini-freakout that happened at 31, I am feeling age sensitive again. In the space of 3 weeks 3 friends have announced their engagement and news of 3 pregnancies reached me (all good things come in threes eh!). While I am so incredibly and pleased and happy for all of my friends I have to admit a little bit of me feels that it just highlights my singleton status and while the alarm bells of impending old age ring I am left wondering why we all have to grow up? Can't I continue in my world where I never mature?

If the tick-tock of the old biological clock isn't enough to contend with nearly every taxi driver encounter goes through the usual questions and is shocked that no I am not in KL to support my husbands career, no I don't have a husband and children, or boyfriend, and yes I am over 30. At which point they generally look at me with utter pity, shake their head and announce that it is probably too late for me. What was I thinking!

To top this off my beautician has found new faults to criticise me about. Obviously I've been used to the big, fat, hairy, freckly farang comments for a couple of years now, but I was taken aback when she announced that my wrinkles were getting worse and maybe I should try this new laser treatment to reduce them. She was silenced with a death stare, but now all I see is wrinkles.

But the icing on the cake happened while Helen and Kate were staying. We were shopping in Central Market and embarking on some serious haggling when the shopkeeper turned and asked if Helen was my daughter. While tears pricked my eyes Hels announced that she was infact my sister. I would like to say that we stormed out the shop but Kate really wanted the picture. I really must be looking haggard!

So I'm now on a mission. No booze (at least for January), lots more exercise, and I've even got my gas reconnected so I can cook lovely healthy food. From now my body is a temple and I intend to look 5 years younger by the end of the month...... without the aid of laser treatment. Wish me luck.


lillian said...

Oh I got asked that after a facial ! They told me laser treatment for my wrinkles would be really 'leally special price just for you'... ARRRGGGH Don't let it get to u too much

Random Australian Guy said...

Give me a call and we can go for a bit of a run. Let's get that temple looking a million dollars.

And it's now half way through the is the alcohol ban going?