Wednesday, 5 March 2008


I popped over to Bangkok at the weekend for a flying visit to catch up with the gang. As if no time at all had passed I was soon gassing with the guys at Cheap Charlies and boogying away at the Bulls Head disco. Glad to see nothing has changed and that there will still be a drunk Sharman propping up the bar in my absence.

Saturday went by in a whirlwind of events - breakfast date, coffee date, lunch date and shopping date. But so good to catch up with everyone. Managed to fit in a quick MBK shop for the essentials: jeans, sunglasses and shoes!

Saturday evening was a little harder to organise due to the election on Sunday. In their wisdom the Thai government has ruled that no alcohol is to be served the evening before or the day of any election. Lord forbid that the voter's judgement be clouded - you never know you might vote Monster Raving Loony part by accident! And of course no one has alcohol at home!
Anyway, obviously having the special skill of being able to sniff out a drink I found one of the few bars willing to risk the wrath of the law and we headed down there. Not long after I ordered my first beer than the signal went up from the landlord. The cops were here. Quick as a flash my beer was hidden under my chair between my legs and I was sipping angelically from my bottle of water. We seemed to get away with it and the copper left quickly although I am sure a little richer!
Finally, I headed to Adele's baby shower on Sunday. I am all confused now as I'm not sure if I am broody or sworn off babies for life. Far too many horrifying stories flying around. These things really shouldn't be shared until you are already pregnant and there is nothing you can do about it!
What a lovely weekend! Can't wait to do it again......

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