Friday, 21 March 2008

Cinderella went to the ball!

After nearly 3 months of being stuck in the kitchen peeling potatoes and scrubbing floors I am now eating solids again. No more vegetable mush and as I have a new cleaner no more floors - hoorah! So Cinderella went to the ball - otherwise known as the Great Wine Experiment.

Against doctors orders I decided to eat and drink what I wanted - afterall it was freeflow all night! I had a great time. Food was fabulous. Wine was delicious. I danced for hours and Criag finally met me properly! (It's alright he's decided to hang around - phew).
I have decided I am a medical miracle! Against all odds I was fine the next day. Hoorah.


Anonymous said...

Not only do you look extremely happy, but you look absolutely stunning. He's a lucky man.

Anonymous said...

Not only do you look extremely happy, you look absolutely stunning aswell. He's a lucky man.
Lots of love, Tess, Si and Caitlin xxx
P.S. Just incase you wondered who the last post was from!

Ali said...

Thank you! I am definitely a very happy young lady.