Sunday, 3 August 2008

All Change

Friday saw Hannah flying back to KL and me boarding a train for the 9 hour journey to Yogyakarta. Trains are definitely the way to go. Leg room, 1 seat 1 person and a good breeze. I was on the 'bizniz' train though so maybe the economy train might not have been so pleasurable. Unfortunately without Hannah there to give me her 'we're not sleeping here' look I checked into a pretty basic room and after a night of no sleep got up and found a much better option just in time for Craig's arrival. So we're kicking round Yogyakarta for a couple of days before we head of to the beach. Today saw us visiting the Sultans palace and local markets as well as enjoying a cultural performance - although the soporific music and slow dancing did send Craig to sleep! Boys!

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