Monday, 11 August 2008

Escape from Gili Meno

Lazy days have been spent on the gorgeous Gili Meno. White sand, blue sea, scorching sun and cool beers. It really is beautiful island. You can walk around it in a about an hour and we took late afternoon strolls along the beach to watch the sun set on the other side of the island. Needless to say there are no cars or motorbikes and, apart from boats, the only form transport is an old fashioned horse and cart.

The snorkelling was fantastic and I was uber excited to swim with several turtles. The sea was crystal clear, the coral bright and the fish in abundance. But mainly we spent lazy days reading and chilling on the beach.

After a few days of this you would think nothing could faze us, however our journey to Bali undid all the good work. As we didn't particularly enjoy the ferry ride over to the island (rolling waves, nausea and 4 hours turning in to 6) we were delighted to be offered a faster trip home. Just 2 1/2 hours in a sparkly new speedboat - seats 28, galley, facilities, safe and reliable - we even saw a picture! As there was no jetty we weren't surprised to first get into one of the longboats that shuttled us from the ferry to the beach when we arrived. However, it soon became clear that this was our transport all the way to Bali. Admittedly my sea legs are non-existant but I tend not to freak out about things willy nilly and I can tell you now I was not happy with the journey. The boat pitched and reeled with each wave and each roll covered me with a new spray of water. I held on tight but left my seat on several occasions, first staring at sea and then at sky. I kept my eyes firmly on the outline of Gunung Agung and felt my spirits rise as it got closer and closer. Not a trip I would care to repeat and not too chuffed about being duped - how long have I been doing this now? You'd think I would know better. Hey ho - at least I'm in one piece.

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