Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Fuzzy Vision

Watching movies on cable here can provide more than the usual entertainment. Playing "censorship sweepstake" can just add to your enjoyment. What will they cut out of each movie? Place your bets here!

It seems that smoking and nudity, not to mention violence, should only be shown some of the time. The scene may show a character grasping his cigarette longingly, but as soon as the end reaches his mouth his entire face will be blurred out. Blood, gore and fights are all the rage, but the minute a gun is held against someones head then the smudging machine is turned on. Breasts and bottoms will also be also be fuzzied, although with the porn lighting couple in Love Actually the censors decided just to erase their scenes from the movies altogehter -so in the final scene at the airport you are left wondering who exactly they are!

For more squeamish people such as myself some of this censorship can be welcome. I can now watch ER without wanting to ralph as the patient who has his chest cracked open will be obscured and I can focus on swooning over the sexy doctors. I wonder if Malaysia's censorship will be as much fun?

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Andrew said...

You're quite right about the 'blurring' on tv, but have you noticed how explicit some of the pictures can be in the Thai newspapers - like Thai Rath for example? They seem to operate to a different set of rules and values.
(Great blog by the way))