Monday, 2 July 2007

Stick a fork in me I'm done

Sunday was our farewell trip to Trader Vics at the Marriot hotel for brunch. It is now Monday evening and I am still full – not to mention a little hungover. Yes it is all you can eat and all you can drink from 11:30 – 3pm and I tell you now I got my moneys worth! So what tasty delights passed my lips? I’ll share:

· Cheese, mainly Brie. Mmmmm – I started here as it has to be the best bit of any meal!
· A selection of cold meats on the teeniest bed of salad (I wasn’t gonna fill up on greens)
· BBQ Tiger Prawns
· Chicken satay
· Salmon steaks also from the bbq.
· Succulent steak (of the melt in the mouth variety that caused us to make some not entirely appropriate enjoyment noises)
· Aubergine bake
· Double chocolate roulade with a mocha icecream (2 helpings as this was sooooo good)
· Several champagne sorbet strawberry cocktails
· A gallon of wine

End here endeth the diary of Ali the Hutt. Mwahh ha ha ha.

It was a truly indulgent day. Yum.

If you fancy your own brunch experience in Bangkok check out this list compiled by Chris over at Adventure Travel Blog. If I was around longer I would certainly be checking them out.


Matt said...

Damn, you're making me hungry. On Sunday I'm going to Keith Floyd's restaurant though. Well excited about that!

Ali said...

Sounds great! Enjoy! Let me know what you have.....