Monday, 10 September 2007

Grown up? Moi!

Having never actually purchased a mobile phone for myself, having relied on hand-me-downs, I decided it was time to get a brand new one. This was not a decision I took lightly. Concerned about the mobile phone mountain (yes it exists) I justified my new purchase due to the temperamentality of my current phone that once belonged to my ex. Those of you who know me well will now realise that it was from the ark.

So off I headed with my only requirements being to be able to phone and text and if possible to be pink (I'm going through a pink phase!). Needless to say this didn't actually impress the salesman who wanted to set me up with camera phone, bluetooth, etc etc. No really, I assured him, I just want to phone and text. Sneeringly informed me that there were no pink phones in production at the moment (I stuck with what I know - Nokia - and wasn't about to trail round just to find a pink one).

Displaying the available phones in my price bracket only one caught my eye. Compact and black, with slidy pop up thing I loved the secret agent look of it. I could see myself doing commando rolls and abseiling off the roof of the mall while talking to MI5 on my new toy. The salesman did look amused as explained to me that this was actually the last limited edition TRANSFORMERS phone. I had to have it! Sorry kids, Miss Ali got there first.

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