Monday, 3 September 2007


What a great time to arrive in Malaysia! On the 31st August the country celebrated 50 years of independence. Up bright and early we headed down to Merdeka square to watch the procession. We had had varying pieces of information regarding what time it started and when we should leave the hotel to get there erring on the side of caution we got there dead early which ensured us a good spot. I would like to say ‘good seat’ but we didn’t have seats –however we were compelled to sit on the floor – and but like good little primary teachers we did (he was in uniform and had a large baton!).
There was much cheering, singing and flag waving (I’m very proud of my new Malaysia flag!) but the prize for enthusiasm has to go to the very entertaining ladies infront of us who not only sang heartily, heckled loudest and laughed longest, but had also made their own outfits out of the Malaysian Flag.

We had marching bands, dancers, flag twirlers, firemen, jungle ops, ex-ministers in old fashioned cars, floats and not so scantily clad women (it is Malaysia after all). Strangely there also seemed to be a group of Flash Gordon wannabees and an invasion of astronauts. However, the show was stolen by the airforce and their wonderful aerobatics accompanied by the appropriate Oooohs and aahhhhs.

Happy Independence Day Malaysia!

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