Tuesday, 12 February 2008


After Christmas I started a bit of a health kick under the false assumption that it would help me feel better. When I explained to the doc that I had switched alcohol for freshjuice and had been eating salads and fruit he actually told me that I had made my stomach worse and that I would have been better off eating a MacDonalds for dinner every night!! Straight from the horses mouth - I kid you not.

So although I am starting to feel better I am on strict instructions from the doc about my eating habits. I am not allowed:
  • citrus fruits
  • tomatoes
  • alchohol
  • coffee !!!
  • cheese
  • chocolate

Basically, anything I really love is out. I'm really missing the coffee (as are my students on my behalf) and I can't wait to tuck into the English Dairy Milk in my fridge. Keep your fingers crossed that my stomach will soon be cleansed and I can make my way to food heaven.


lillian said...

I'm sorry !! Hope you feel better soon! No coffee.. that really is awful!!!!!:-) seriously.. I would hate to live without coffee...

Ali said...

Thanks Lillian. Starting to feel a bit perkier now - but mornings are difficult without the caffeine kick!