Thursday, 21 December 2006

The cat sat on the mat

This week I have tried my hardest to improve my very shoddy thai. I decided that if I am going to stay here I really should be able to do more than direct taxis and order food. So after 4 days at Pink Chilli language school I feel that I have come on.

I am proud to announce that I can now say these useful phrases:
1. The cat sat on the mat
2. I am crazy.
3. The antarctic is getting smaller because the world is getting hotter!

However, I have also developed a Geoff like habit of saying 'Breast' as a substitute for many words - I'm not sure why but it just slips out - and have to make long convoluted sentences to avoid words that have the 'ngya' sound in it - much safer for everyone involved I promise you.

Gonna keep up the lessons for a little longer I think. I'm yet to see what difference it makes in practice as I'm not sure the general thai population will have the same patience with me as my teacher did. We'll see......

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