Saturday, 16 December 2006


Thai residents have today been warned of the imminent arrival of two of the UK’s most notorious and depraved residents. Tom Codrington and Ian Scothern are known throughout the United Kingdom for debauched nights out and the ability to imbibe large amounts of alcohol leading to well-documented atrocities.

Although thought to be heading for Gullivers and the PatPong area of Bangkok intelligence suggest that their accomplice, Khun Ali, will be attempting to introduce these two immoral men to more traditional Thai culture.

The Head of Scotland Yard in London suggests caution and advises all women to avoid contact with these “monsters”. Meanwhile London Mayor Ken Livingston offers a hand of friendship to the Thai Government while admitting that “residents of London will sleep better knowing that these degenerates are not longer in the country.”

Today our thoughts and prayers are with the Thai population.

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