Monday, 11 December 2006

Hong Kong

Just had a fantastic weekend visiting Jules in Hong Kong. What a city!

We started off Saturday in Stanley with a bit of shopping and leisurely lunch - what more could a girl want from a Saturday afternoon?

Then in the evening we hit the Hong Kong night spots! I have to say that my favourite has to be The Feather Boa. A very small, intimate place, opulently decorated and serving possibly my favourite drink of all time. We ordered Strawberry Daquiries - but these were daquiries with a difference. First the glass was coated inside and out with chocolate! So before drinking your strawberry coctail with hint of chocolate you needed to lick the chocolate from the outside of the glass - heaven!

This was soon followed by a very brief visit to the ice bar. Although we were given huge coats and felt like the characters from the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe it was still riduculously cold in there. Luckily shots of vodka are designed to be drunk quickly so we were soon at the bars at Lan Kwai Fong.

Also at Lan Kwai Fong were hundreds of people dressed as Santa (all for charity darling)! Very bizarre looking down at lots of red fur lined outfits from above. If you had a Santa suit on there were cheap drinks so Jules, Adele and I liberated a few Santa hats and wangled several free drinks. The music was cheesy, the drinks were flowing and boy did our heads hurt the next day.

However this did not stop us from a very queasy ride on the ferry to Lamma Island, but lunch and a wander to the beach soon sorted us out, although I have to admit it was more than a tad chilly - I'd forgotten some countries have seasons!

Our final destination was the Kowloon side to watch the light show and view the fantastic Hong Kong sky-line.

I will definitely be back! Enjoy the pics.

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