Thursday, 7 December 2006

On the Shelf

Well it is contract renewal time and several people have been surprised when I have said I’m considering staying in Bangkok. Why wouldn’t I stay you think – the weather is great (most of the time), the food is amazing, the beer is cheap, I have a fab apartment, I have friends aplenty – what would stop me? Well it seems that everyone assumed I would leave due to the high probability that I will remain single as long as I remain in Bangkok.

I have tried speed dating, attended a singles supper club and scoured the pubs and clubs of Bangkok but to no avail. I have heard a rumour that there are 3 single men in Bangkok who are not here for thai girls but I am granting this the status of urban myth.

This is not to say that there are no interesting men. Occasionally I will meet an interesting (and, amazingly enough, interested young man) but invariably I will find that they are on vacation and flying out the next day. Obviously this is not going to make for a lasting relationship.

So with a contract renewal comes a joint unwritten contract with the highest shelf in single-town. I will have to make do with compliments from random taxi drivers who say I am ‘suay’ – beautiful – but I do understand that perhaps they are just buttering me up for a tip. So I may be on the shelf, but I promise I won’t let myself get dusty. Hey ho – what is one more year!

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