Sunday, 18 November 2007

Half Term Part Deux

I am particularly pleased with how the holidays have fallen this term - instead of 1 week of half term in the middle we have had two 5 day breaks - fabulous! For this trip Sue and I headed off to Kuching and while the rest of the trip might not have been as side-splitting as the Cat museum we really enjoyed all that was on offer.

Kuching itself is really laid back and a great place just to wander round. The shopping is fantastic and the restaurants divine. We very much enjoyed the special offer wine and the beers that were sent over by the friendly locals.

Up bright and early the first day we headed to the orangutan rehabilitation centre and we weren't disappointed. We saw four orangutans - two adults, a young one and a gorgeous little baby. There were lots of ooohs and aaaahs and it was fab to watch them swing through the trees.

We also headed out to the beautiful Bako National Park. After a slightly damp boat ride we waded onto the beach to be met immediately by some cheeky Macaques and some rather large wild pigs. Although hot work it was great to walk along the trails and we were very excited to see proboscis monkeys. Not very pretty but there is certainly something very endearing about them.
I'm thinking that a return trip to Sarawak is certainly in order. Let's see what else they have to offer.

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