Thursday, 29 November 2007

Walk like an Egyptian

Kay'patra and Sharmanraman

And another dress up day! Today I was Sharmanraman, high priestess at the Temple of Osiris and the chief embalmer of both Upper and Lower Egypt. Our apprentice embalmers were accorded the great honour of preparing the royal pet of Rameses II, Bubbles the fish, for his journey through the underworld to the afterlife.

It was particularly gruesome and disgusting as my assistant Mr Gaskillkhamun slit poor Bubbles down the side and removed his internal organs so the children could place them in the canopic jars. There was lots of screaming, screeching and hiding behind hands. A few fingers pinching noses too. However, bubbles has been successfully mummified, placed in his sarcophagus and entombed at a secret location (so graverobbers won't find it).

Fabulous day! (yes there is a video!)

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Ange said...

I'm still loving your work babe.. am going to make more of an effort on mine again.. facebook kinda took over there for a while! Sorry that I missed you last weekend :(