Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Long Live the Queen!

My Thai experience has left me under the misconception that royal families are revered and that criticism not tolerated. Neither should they be part of any joke or be ridiculed in any way. A fact that a Swiss tourist soon realised after he was sentenced to 7 years in jail for defacing a picture of the King.

Imagine my surprise then when listening to the radio on my drive to work I heard Shaz and Will, possibly the worst radio djs in the world, taking the piss out of The Queen. I am no royalist but I was shocked to hear Will mimicing Her Royal Highness, alluding to her sex life and marriage to Philip. Perhaps if there had been anything even remotely clever or witty about their skit then I might have found it funny, however, I don't think these two have it in them.

Please don't think I am condoning the restrictions on freedom of speech in Thailand as I am not. I was just astonished how I reacted to a silly bit of bad radio! What has happened to me? Have I been brainwashed?

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