Monday, 11 June 2007

Mad Dogs

Mojo's was the venue for the Bangkok Netball League's end of season bash and the theme was school uniform. Messy is the only word to describe it as we acted the part of giggling schoolgirls, even signing each others shirts with permanent marker as we did years ago when we finally left school. So this is the end of my bangkok netball career (and thankfully my role as treasurer!) but I'll miss Monday nights (and of course the non-sport oriented nights out and trips) with the girls - and, unlike our catchphrase for the evening, I am boverd. Mad Dogs rock!


Ange said...

Great pics! It was a brilliant night out from what I recall! I ended up in a club under the Windsor hotel - must have looked a right scene walking in there with green fish nets on and a graffiti covered school uniform!

Can I steal your pics? - just remembered that I owe you an email... will get to that ASAP!

Ange said...

Ok mate, I'm gonna totally rip off the photos, but don't worry I'll give you credit and another link! Can you change the name of my blog on your link for me? Ta mucho!