Thursday, 21 June 2007

The Sound of Music

So Ange ( has tagged me to do this music meme and she is hassling me about being slow about it. But it’s hard! Or maybe it just proves how indecisive I am, how little I really know about music, what random music taste I have and what major swings my moods take. I have found it too difficult to choose the 3 songs that are guaranteed to put a smile on my face, 5 traveling must haves and my number 1 album of all time.

If you asked me these questions at 15, 18, 21 and 25 I would give you completely different choices. If I had to complete the same questionnaire tomorrow or next week I am sure I would change every answer. What I listen to really depends on my mood. I love different songs at different times and for different reasons. And as for choosing one album as my all time favourite – not a chance – it would feel like cheating on all my other favourite bands and albums. (Try not to read too far into my commitment issues please!).

However, so as not to let the lovely Ange down completely here are my current top 5 most played albums on my i-pod:

1. The Hives – Your New Favourite Band (I just love singing along to A.K.A I-D-I-O-T. especially after a particularly annoying day at work.)
2. Kasabian - (It is my current getting ready for a night on the town album)
3. James – The Best of James
4. Kathryn Williams – Little Black Numbers ( great to chill out or fall asleep to)
5. Red Hot Chilli Peppers – By the Way (need I say more?)

However, all this music talk has got me thinking of more things that I will miss when I leave. Hope this will do as my alternative music meme Ange.

1. The National Anthem – We sing the national anthem at school every day and I just love watching my kids standing up dead straight and belt out the words, followed by a bow towards the flag. Bless! Needless to say in this patriotic country that is not the only time I hear the national anthem. It is played on the radio at 8am and 6pm everyday as well as in government offices and at skytrain platforms. It is fantastic watching commuters stop in their tracks and stand to attention for the duration of the song. I can’t imagine it happening in London!

2. The King’s Song – this is such a moving piece of music and on more than one occasion it has brought tears to my eyes. Although it can be difficult to heave myself out of my first class lounger seat in the cinema it makes the whole cinema experience for me.

3. Bu de de der! – I love Thai pop! I am currently trying to find NowThai! There must be one CD with all my favourites on. Unfortunately although I can sing along to many of them (although I would imagine the ‘thai’ I sing is not making any sense) I don’t have a clue what the bands or even the songs are called. I have tried singing my top favourite in a record store but got laughed at. Can anyone help me?

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Ange said...

seriously... there are rules to being tagged girl and you just haven't followed them.... I wont be tagging you again in a hurry!