Monday, 18 June 2007


Last night I sat with the lights off and watched the lightening create forked patterns in the night sky. I love watching storms from the comfort of my living room and I will miss these brilliant light displays. I’m sure I will have plenty more to watch in KL, and hopefully I will have as good a view out of my apartment window.

However, I will not miss getting caught outside in torrential downpours. On Saturday we stood waiting for taxi outside Chatuchak with plastic bags (given to us by a friendly stall owner) on our heads with the waters rapidly rising around our ankles. We were drenched. I will not miss wading through the dirty waters of flooded sois wishing I had wellies and not flip flops on, just hoping that I don’t tread in anything too revolting.


Ange said...

You've been tagged - a music meme... get onto it!

The Lost Boy said...

I used to love watching storms from my office on the 27th floor. I used to wonder if people ever got hit by lightning. Maybe.

Ange said...

Alex -you've been tagged, get off facebook and get on with it!