Tuesday, 26 June 2007

33°C to -5°C in Ten Seconds!

Yes that is me shivering in the snow and yes I am still in Thailand! But how I hear you cry. No it is not climate change gone crazy – it was infact our Year 3 trip to Dreamworld.

You may wonder how I managed to blag that as yes school trips are supposedly meant to be of educational value - so I am currently congratulating myself on my cunning. Picture this if you will. Your topic this term is weather around the world. Your class of 7 year old Thai (mainly) students have not quite grasped how bitter the weather is during winter in less tropical countries. You don’t want to talk in the abstract, you want your students to experience the biting cold, to see their breath and of course to enjoy a snowball fight. But a flight to the South Pole is out of the question so the next best thing is of course Snow Town at Dreamworld.

So “educational value”: experiencing a different climate (tee hee)
Objective of the trip: To have fun!

And fun we had. Apart from the 45 minutes in Snow Town. Admittedly the first 10 minutes were fun. I threw a snowball and went sledging down the artificial snow hill. After that I lost the feeling in my fingers and toes and swore there and then never to return home during winter.

After that though off we went to Thunder Rapids, Space Mountain and the Super Splash. I was wet from 11am till I got home and had a hot shower and am hoarse from screaming so much. Yes I was more wet than the kids and, as anyone who knows me will testify, I am extremely afraid of heights. Teetering at the top of the log flume was almost too much for me, but plummeting down to the lake below was great. However, there are a number of scaredy cats in my class and nearly half of them had to exit the haunted mansion by the fire exit before their wailing competed with that of the ghosts and ghouls!

So I have shared my best professional blag and now I want to know: What is your best blag? Go on dare you to comment and share – you know you want to!


Ange said...

Sounds like an awesome day - I still havent' been there... is it worth going with a bunch of adults or a little too childish?

Anonymous said...

Hey lady, tried to reply to your email about being in the Wheatsheaf (?!??!) on 12th July but my email has eaten your address somehow so thought I'd try this...am hoping to see you there!

...and of COURSE one of your fave albums would be Best of James...takes me baaaaaaaack.

xxx Becky