Monday, 25 June 2007


Bangkok is a city where the words traffic and jam fit together like lovers and gridlocked roads are read out on the radio like casualty lists. I have lost days sat in the back of taxis on the road to no-where. There is no real expectation in Bangkok to be on time anywhere and 'traffic' can always be cited as an excuse for tardiness. Strangely there is no set rush hour and you can be caught in a jam at any time of day. Why there is stationary traffic at 4am I do not know - surely not everyone has been out partying till dawn? Luckily taxis are cheap - I have emerged from an hour and a half journey with only a 130Baht charge (2 pounds!) - but the time spent fidgeting on the back seat can be immensely frustrating. So I will not miss Bangkok traffic.

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