Sunday, 28 October 2007

Dancing the night away

This weekend Global Gathering came to Malaysia and we piled on down to Melaka ready to dance the night away. But there was not a tent in sight. Camping? Never! For us there was a bungalow with pool, and of course a fridge ready to be filled with alcohol and munchies. By 5:30 on Friday evening we were on lilo's in the pool beer in hand. The evening rapidly degenerated and we were soon playing twister and wondering how we had already consumed a crate of beer already.

As the event was being held at the terribly cheesy A'famosa resort we thought we should probably make the most of the facilities and saturday morning saw us at Waterworld zooming down water slides and floating in the wave pool. Not a bad wayto build up to the main event!

And what an event! We danced away to The Shapeshifters and Layo & Bushwacka, got wet in the foam bar, and wore sunglasses in the dark.

Having been very excited about the Retro roller disco I was very disappointed to find my roller skating skills somewhat lacking - although that could have had something to do with all the beers and the fact that my skates were 2 sizes too big. However, I did manage to stay upright a little more than Hannah and Cara! I'm a little sore but no huge bruises luckily!
Unfortunately the weather has been particularly wet recently so I have to admit the field was pretty reminiscent of certain UK festivals. Within minutes I had mud splattered up my back and in my hair and by the end of the evening the flip flops were abandoned completely.
All in all a fantabulous weekend - although I am feeling cream crackered today. I'll definitely be up for it again next year!

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