Tuesday, 9 October 2007


Since being in Asia I have had many conversations about the suitability of having marble walkways and paving stones of other slippery materials in countries where it rains an awful lot. Barely a week goes by without going for a little slide with visions of broken bones flashing before my eyes.

WhileI have landed on my backside on more than one occasion nothing compares with the drop I took on Saturday. While we were pampered in the spa the heavens opened and the monsoon hit big stylee. As I cautiously made my way back to the car I managed to slip at the top of the stairs and land about halfway down.

Normally I wouldn't share pictures of my 'lower back' but my new mates have had enough of my whining on about how sore it is so I'm looking for some sympathy elsewhere! Thank goodness I didn't land on my head!


Anonymous said...

Cripes .... you win all UDI competitions to date!

Ange said...

That is amazing! Rach was telling me about it at netty on Monday... did she tell you that the Mad Dogs are kicking A!!!! Bring it!!!
I'm back in the blogging world..only taken me about 2 months....