Tuesday, 16 October 2007

In Need of a Spirit House

Bad luck seems to be following me at the moment. Firstly, I got home last week only to find my electricity had been cut off. Not a major problem but certainly very annoying. Then my car broke down. Today, not only is my toilet still leaking (mmm delightful), but the washing machine began its death throes and the tv has just blown up (and in the middle of Prison Break!). I really am beginning to wonder what is going to go wrong next.
I'm thinking I my need to send for my Thai spirit house. It certainly lookied after me when I was in Bangkok. It provided shelter for my uninvited spirit houseguest when I realised it wasn't going to let me sleep and, in line with Thai tradition, when I the spirits know that I was going for an interview they assisted me on my way. So who is going to protect my new home? Surely there must be a Malay equivalent of the Spirit House?

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