Tuesday, 1 April 2008


The other weekend saw us at a local Brazilian Churrascaria for some grub. In other words all you can eat MEAT. Although we did help ourselves to the salads and sides on offer we were really there for all the varieties of meat, barbecued and served on a sword. We were each given a laminated card to place next to our plates. The green side let the waiters know that yes we would like to served with the next delicious portion of succulent beef, and the red side informed them that we were full. Unfortunately I was there with all boys, so the meal immediately turned into a competition. Who would fold first? I hate to admit it but it was me!

But I suppose I do have an excuse. Having been very over excited about feeling better I have to admit it I overdid it slightly what with the ball, meat, a bottle of wine, a curry and an evening of strawberry daquiries in just over a week. I am now suffering and will believe the doc when he says in moderation or not at all. Silly Ali.

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