Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Bad Girl

I'm turning into a bad driver! I recieved my first ever speeding ticket and have had to present myself at the police station to pay my rather hefty fine. I'm shocked at myself. I always pay special attention to speed limits (hmmm speed cameras) and couldn't believe I was doing 106 in a 60! Whoops. In my defence it was roadworks with a riduculously low limit and I was keeping up with the other traffic.

I may now be a bad driver but it's not my fault, I really have no choice.

When I leave the SMART tunnel and join the fast lane of the motorway (who thought of that design I wonder) I have less than 100m to cross 5 lanes of speeding traffic to get off at my exit. Hesitation is for the weak. The only thing to do is stick on that indicator and veer purposefully to the left - my fellow road users soon get the idea, although my heart does race!

It also seems that the best way to deal with the hideous jams is to create a new lane. Three lanes of crawling traffic clearly is not enough. So why not fit in two more lanes to perfect that carpark effect on major roads. I am now amazingly adept at switching between these faux lanes as I try to inch my way forward before anyone else can push infront of me.

Can't find a car parking space? Forget double parking - try triple parking. After all you won't be that long in the bank surely. That horn honking could be at anyone. Best not get paranoid!

What about the carpark in Megamall? I've taken to stalking. I menacingly trail people who are ambling back to their cars. Failing that I abadon it where ever I can - it really seems to be the the thing to do. If it fits - leave it there.

I don't think my car approves though and keeps playing up! It's just back from the garage though and apparently has a clean bill of health so we will be tearing up the roadways again soon. Watch out!


Random Helpful Australian Guy said...

Umm, are you taking the correct exit from the SMART Tunnel? Don't take the right hand option that is marked to KLIA, go left and that will bring you out on the left side of the highway and straight to your turn off (ever wondered what the tolls on the left side of the highway are for?).

Ali said...

Ha ha! You're right! I think you have probably literally saved my life! Cheers.