Tuesday, 1 April 2008


The Easter break saw me headed off to the Perhentians for a week on a tropical island paradise. Ready for a relaxing few days reading and chilling on the beach I excitedly checked into my accomodation, Moonlight chalets. Back to my budget roots I had chosen long beach to stretch my cash as far as it would go. The room was basic but I couldn't really expect more for 40RM (a fiver) a night. As I settled down for an early night I was slightly peturbed by the scratching sounds below me, but as the long house was on stilts I reasoned that it was some creature scrabbling around underneath. However, when I entered the bathroom to clean my teeth I disturbed a nimble rat who looked very much at home. Thinking I had scared it away I continued to clean my teeth when it's friend decided to come and join it. It took one look at me and decided to peg it home - which turned out to be UNDER THE BED! Now I can cope with most things but I am not willing to share a room with rats. I insisted that I was moved (which was not received well by the grumpy owner) and ended up in a room that smelt of sewage. Although I didn't sleep well I was up bright and early and checked into Matahari, a much improved budget option.

Feeling a bit happier with my choice of destination I headed down to the beach to unwind with my book. However, not long after, I was disturbed by sounds associate more with building sites than beaches. Looking up in the direction of the sound I saw a rather large jcb heading down the beach. Not impressed.

I didn't last a week on the Perhentians - I wasn't overly enamoured with Long Beach and unfortunately I spent the days I was there feeling quesy and ralphing (again). I will give it another chance - but definitely on another beach.

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