Thursday, 24 April 2008

Rainy Days and Traffic

Forget Mondays. Rainy days and traffic get me down! I'm at breaking point and seriously close a hideous bout of rain rage. It is grey and dull more than bright and sunny - I'm telling you I didn't sign up for this! I'm spending far to many evenings cowering from the lightening during yet another almighty thunder storm and my body is so used to jumping out of my skin that I'm now doing it involuntarily throughout the day. I have to admit though that it is quite fun watching the sky light up with each strike of lightening and it is awesome watching it hit the skyscrapers that dominate the skyline.

But apart from dampening both me and my spirits each downpour has the additional side effect of snarling up the traffic. I edged forward at such a pathetic pace on saturday night that it took nearly 2 hours to do a 20 minute journey, and the traffic cops on Tuesay only exacerbated the problem with their misguided attempts to regulate the traffic - they really should leave it up to those of superior intelligence - the traffic lights! I'm starting to develop muscles in my clutch leg that I never new existed and I'm regretting not getting an automatic just for the city traffic. However, I am glad I've got the jeep so at least I know that I can sail home through the flooded roads without the car leaking!

Anyway, rant over.....for now.

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