Monday, 28 July 2008

Don't stand so close to me!

I'm big on personal space and generally like to maintain a no fly zone around my being. Don't get me wrong I do like hugs and cuddles, but I only want to get close with people of my choice - even brushing up against a stranger in the street can send shivers through me. Unfortunately the concept of personal space does not exist in Indonesia and mine is being invaded. Of course some of it is by necessity - when you squeeze six people into a row of three on a bus you are going to get a little bit squashy - but some of it is a bit over the top.

The worst has to have been when we left Jakarta for Carita. Before our taxi had even pulled into the bus station touts were running alongside it trying to open the doors and get us on to their bus. We were then half dragged to a waiting bus and deposited on the back seat where approximately half the male population of jakarta came to have a stare, chat, or stroke.

A cacophony of voices simultaneously demanded:
"Where you from?"
"What your name?"
"you want water?"
"I love you"
"Where your husband?"
"Where you go?"
"What you do?"
And on and on.

When we weren't being shouted at we were being stared at. Eventually I stuck my i-pod on full and stared determinedly out of the window but this was not enough to deter one man who even kicked my legs to get my attention. I'm sure you can imagine this did not go down well.

However, after a less than enjoyable journey we were able to settle into our lovely room by the beach ready for adventure and a resolution to put up with less s*** on on our next bus. We'll see how it goes.

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