Monday, 21 July 2008

No Smoking? Not in Indonesia!

Well the smoking bans that are taking hold across the world will certainly not get far in Indonesia. Everyone smokes. All the time. Everywhere! People don't even bother with the pleasantries of hello and how are you, but instead get straight to the point and ask 'do you want a cigarette?'.

After already having travelled by boat and minibus (yes with our knees by our chins again) we boarded a bus heading to Bukit Lawang. Within seconds nearly the whole bus had lit up. Although we had our window open the interior was fogged in no time. I think I must have lost 10 years of my life in a 3 hour bus journey.

To be honest the bus was more of a dodgy nightclub on wheels. Not only was it smokefilled but it music was blared out at high decibels. First we were treated to the strangulated Indonesian power ballads by Ms. Cat. A. Wauling, followed by the happy hardcore versions of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Achey Breakey Heart to name but a few choice titles. Of course no nightclub experience is complete without some rampant flirting in this case between the girls who didn't want to pay and the bus boys. I have never seen so much pouting and eyelid batting in my life. Looking forward to the trip back on Wednesday!

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