Monday, 28 July 2008

Partying Carita styleee

Following in a long tradition of sticking a stage in a field the people of Carita, a small fishing village, prepared for their long awaited concert. The musicians were great, the singers had fab voices even if they were dressed like 80's throwbacks and everyone was in a party mood. Games booths circled the field for our entertainment and we wandered over to have a quick game at darts to see what prizes we cold win. We were soon told that we could only play if we brought a packet of cigarettes. We looked puzzled. The rules were repeated again - you could only play a game if you brought a packet of cigarettes for which you recieved a ticket you could swap for a game. Yes EVERYONE around us was smoking and didn't understand why we would delay in purchasing a pack.

We soon heard a commotion around the stage and saw the MC was inviting people up. I narrowly got away without being hearded up there by the chief of police who was very keen I had a go. The contestants had to complete various tongue twisters and their prize was - you guessed it - a bag full of packets of fags!

Cigarette advertising may be banned at home but it is rife here. Billboards are everywhere and it really is encouraged wherever you are. We got away without buying a sackful of ciggies but the rest of Carita were probably not as fortunate.

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