Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Fusion Food

Since the delicious spring roll pastie at Lake Toba we have been witness to and unfortunate tasters of some rather random food combinations.

- Fruit Salad: well it was exactly what it says on the tin. Chopped up fruit, covered in thousand island dressing, on a bed of lettuce with half a boiled egg on top.

- Honey Pancake: After looking forward to my honey pancake I was surprised when it turned up to see that before the honey had been poured over the top the chef had sprinkled grated cheese all over it. Mmm.

- Croissants: Where can you go wrong with a croissant you may ask? Serve it with chilli sauce!

-Banana Surprise: Following the cheesy path this dessert was a combination of fried banana, cheese and chocolate.

- Toast: Our simple breakfast choice arrived with egg and chocolate sprinkles. Just what you need to get you going in the morning.

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