Sunday, 13 July 2008

Half a Term in Ten Minutes

Well I guess my blogging report this term would read 'Must try harder'! I admit I have been totally slack and anonymous I'm sorry I have let you down. My excuse? Hmmm.... well firstly I felt sick (still ...yes boring boring) and didn't have the energy to write and didn't have that much to write about. THEN I felt better (hoorah hoorah - trumpets, cheers, fireworks etc) so wasn't sitting around the flat feeling sorry for myself and have been out and about making friends again. So busy busy I have been so here is a little round up of the last six weeks - I'll try and get it in order but will probably fail.

- First Rachel M came to stay and we pampered, shopped and gossiped and she finally met the new boy.

- Jules was hot on her heels and popped over from Hong Kong for the weekend. We went on the Malaysia Eye - which freaked me out totally, nearly giving me a coronary every time it stopped and we were left swinging - I clearly am getting more and more afraid of heights - how did I ever jump out of a plane? We wandered through a food festival and I watched enviously as she ate. And we had our tarot read in a funky little backstreet bar - we'll have to see how right she was!

- The government raised the price of petrol by 40% overnight. Literally. It was announced at 7pm that it would be going up at midnight. Carnage! I now wish that I didn't drive a gas-guzzling beast.

- As I now no longer spend a large chunk of my time in bars I have become a cinemaholic and have recently seen: Kung Fu Panda, Iron Man, Prince Caspian, Definitely Maybe, Indiana Jones and many more....

-I was promoted! Yey!

- I drank wine for the first time in 3 months to celebrate new job. I had two glasses and was a giggling, rosy, very cheap date! And more importantly didn't suffer any horrible after effects.

- I saw the Malaysian Philharmonic orchestra playing Prokofievs Cinderella.

- Boldened by my increasing good health I have started eating a more excited range of foods (including chocolate!mmm) and occasionally having a glass or two. Two and I'm merry. Three and I'm a giggling wreck - hey ho! At least I'm well and long may it stay this way. Although I would love to go and sign up for the next champagne brunch I am still taking it easy and am not going to undo all the good work I have done over the last months. It has only taken 8 months but I am now feeling myself again.

- Rachel P came to stay and we shopped til we dropped. Then we ventured up to the Sky Bar and enjoyed a coctail with a view of the iconic towers before us.

- I ate chocolate cake at a 2year olds birthday party and felt the biological time bomb go into warp speed.

- I played Singstar at Hannah's shamefully winning with a Barry White song. My voice isn't that low is it?

- I was treated to high tea at the Carcosa and rolled home full of tea, sandwiches, cakes and scones.

- And finally this weekend I enjoyed participating in a pub quiz at the British High Commision (oo-er) with the crew of the HMS Kent!!!!!!

Writing it all down it doesn't seem that much but throw in more than a few hot dates and time kinda flies! But looking back at how awful I felt 6 weeks ago and how great I feel now I feel I have come a long way. I have a huge smile on my face, the beginnings of a new wardrobe (thanks Rach for pointing out that my clothes really were too big and that I should buy some more) and an exciting holiday looming.

Yep it's just three days til the end of term and I will be off to Indonesia. Two weeks with Hannah and then two weeks with Craig. My rucksack is ready and so am I. Bring it on!

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