Saturday, 21 April 2007

5 Hilarious Travel Photos?

Well the challenge has been set. The Brave New Traveler is looking for our 5 most hilarious travel photographs What a great opportunity to trawl back through pics and reminisce. Of course I have an abundance of amusing travel pics but as the whole digital camera experience is new and I didn’t want to repost any that I have already shared - although it was hard to resist the opportunity to once again publish Tom and Ian’s lady-boy pics or the Borats– so these are some that I took in the Philippines. They may not be hilarious enough to beat the competition but I hope they make you giggle.

I suppose as a teacher I probably shouldn’t find this one remotely funny (I nearly fell off the back of our motorbike in shock), however, I guess Philippinos just aren’t as cynical as we are, although I can imagine that this sign might attract some unwanted attention to the program.

While wandering the backstreets of Manila passing untold numbers of seedy bars and sidestepping rotund, inebriated, middle-aged men we found this one. Tell it like it is ladies…..

And just down the road was Hussy’s – does exactly what it says on the tin. Thought this pic might amuse the folks back home, but probably not my mum. Found this luridly coloured drink in 7Eleven. Probably should have brought a bottle for our swinging drinking buddy – would have been the closest thing to the orgy he sought that he was gonna get!
You will need to look closely to see the slogan “Marry Now, Pay Later!”. It made me chuckle especially after being discriminated against due to my single status. Apparently, when double booked the couple will automatically get the nipa hut and us single girls relegated to the dorm as “ziss is ok ya! Because you are single and zey are married”. Don’t worry she was left in no uncertain terms that this was not ok and we were soon found a hut all of our own.


dave925 said...

Nice theme to these pics!

Ange said...

seriously Ali... the others don't even come close to your pics....