Sunday, 22 April 2007

Good to Be Me

While trying not to be too self-indulgent my PHSE lesson last Friday turned into a bit of a warm and fuzzy session. We were focusing on why ‘It’s good to be me!’ hoping that the kids would realize that yes they may not be the next Olympic runner, Monet or Thailand’s Next Top Model but that they all had something that makes them special. Generally quite a modest class they found it difficult to brag about what they were good at but were happy to talk at length about why they were lucky and wanted to know why it is good to be me!

Isn’t it great when you stop and realize that your life absolutely rocks. I won’t go into too much detail as I don’t want anyone to think I’m gloating but my life is great…..

· Fantastic friends and family
· A job I love
· Healthy
· Great city (and aparment) to live in
· Social life rocks
· Endless travel opportunities

All in all pretty good. Yes there are a couple of things I would add (bet ya can’t guess what that would be! ho ho) but I wouldn’t change anything – I will put those down as things to look forward to. So today I challenge you to stop and think all the amazing things in your life – promise it will give you a warm glow. Enjoy.

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