Sunday, 15 April 2007

Fun in the Philippines

Two weeks is just not long enough in the Philippines and we already have plans to go back. The weather is fantastic, sand doesn’t get any whiter, sea will never be a clearer blue and the people so friendly. Indeed I even think that Thailand has a contender for the title of Land of Smiles.

When we finally made our retreat from Manila we headed for the island of Bohol. Our first stop was Nuts huts on the Loboc river. The emphasis here is very much health and action while being able to relax in gorgeous surroundings. To be honest just negotiating the steps from our hut up to the restaurant was exercise enough and was generally followed by reading in a hammock. From here we visited the Chocolate hills and tarsier centre and although we were encouraged to do it by mountain bike we decided that a motorbike would suit us much better (it is 36km to the chocolate hills!). However, we did make it to the nearby waterfall just over a km away and as it was pretty roasty that day decided to swim rather than walk. As it was Easter and everyone had a day off we weren’t the only ones heading for the waterfalls –however, everyone else was on a boat so we strange farangs swimming there got quite a bit of attention and had to wave and smile for hundreds of pictures.

From Nuts Huts we went to Panglao Island where we enjoyed the white sandy beaches and clear blue water, not to mention some fantastic seafood. One morning was spent dolphin watching and snorkeling. Not only did we see loads of dolphins but also pilot whales and a fantastic array of brightly coloured fish.

I mentioned in an earlier post how religious the Philippinos are but no where is it quite so evident as in Tagbilaran. As we trekked round the city trying to find a cashpoint that would accept my Thai card we saw walls decorated with the Ten Commandments and signs asking us to be honest, kind and generous. Every cyclo had a bible quote or moral on the back reminding people to pray, worship and love thy neighbour however, my favourite has to be “God knows”.

So we will be back to the Philippines soon hopefully. Roll on the next holidays…..

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