Monday, 30 April 2007

Expat Brat

It’s the last Friday of the month and where should any self-respecting disco diva be heading? That’s right! The Bulls Head Disco. Delightfully cheesy as always. However, so as not to peak to early a pie (and several 2 for 1 vodkas) was first consumed in the Robin Hood. Unfortunately we lingered to long and were trapped there by an enormous lightening storm. The rain was beating down, forked lightening lit up the sky, our gossip was punctuated by booms of thunder and the soi along which we were soon to head was rapidly flooding. We were damsels in distress and needed saving. But never fear, help was at hand in the form of my new buddies driver! Yes we expat brats legged it out of the pub and straight into our chauffeur driven car. Our knight in shining armour then reversed the 150 metres up the sodden soi and we alighted at our next destination with dry clothes and hair-dos intact! Shameful I know, but so worth it.

So what should this brat do for the rest of the weekend? Of course – the Marriot Sunday brunch. A delicious buffet of barbecued shrimp, steak and satay, mousaka, pasta’s and hummus, cheese, cheese and more cheese, tantalizing puddings AND a chocolate fountain!!!! Heaven. However, not only can you gorge yourself on these sumptuous offerings but you are encouraged to pour yourself a generous bloody mary, help yourself to a champagne cocktail (or two), and sip fine white wines. I ask you what better way is there to spend 3 ½ hours of your Sunday?

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