Monday, 2 April 2007

Battered and Bruised

What a weekend! Jules and I hit the Hong Kong 7’s – 3 days of rugby – phwoar! Unfortunately the Kiwi’s knocked us English out in the semis which was a bummer – but I did so enjoy watching the Aussies follow a similar fate minutes later – ho ho. And it was great fun being in a testosterone filled stadium for so long……

Dressed up as red Indians on the Saturday and found ourselves in the South Stand (THE place to be!) with all the others in fancy dress. The prize has to go to the Borats who had the guts to wear that green swimming outfit – however, security weren’t too impressed and made them cover up.

Have to admit though early Saturday morning was a bit of an effort after a lubricated Friday evening. Hooked up with Hols and sadly enough got caught doing the Madison in the disco tent – not sure we should be doing dance routines at 30 – should have given them up at 13 really. However, it was nothing a couple more jugs of pimms and seabreeze couldn’t fixed. The food at the stand however, was less than desirable – although I did have a bite of someones hotdog I realized at 11pm that the vodka jelly I had just necked was the only real solid since breakfast!

The crowd was a little subdued Sunday morning but we soon all got back in the swing of things and soon jugs of beer were being flung all over the stand – so I now have a delightful array of bruises to match my sore nose from a taxi crash on Friday night (I was a total weiner and cried and cried which freaked the taxi driver out a bit – but it did hurt!) After some exciting games Samoa were victorious, which is more that can be said for the streakers and penguins who rushed the pitch throughout the afternoon.

Sunday night was spent at Mes Amis in Wan Chai with the rest of the lairy crowd and several of the teams. Although they were happy to pose for photo’s it was slightly disappointing to note that they were all about 18 and viewed us as old ladies – how did that happen? I’m young and hip – honest!

Enjoy the photos above – borats, English, Tunisian and Scottish players, hols, cowboys and Indians.

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