Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

Yes it’s the hot season – but I don’t think that ‘hot season’ quite conveys how utterly roasting it is here. It doesn’t seem that long since we were enjoying the cool weather of the coldest winter on record but now apparently we are going to experience that hottest month on record!

Made a rookie mistake on Saturday and spent the entire day in the aircon only to melt that evening when sitting OUTSIDE (what were we thinking?) at Cheap Charlies. Breathing makes you sweat. Standing outside for 5 minutes at 8am while we sing the national anthem is challenging. After walking the 10 minutes to the skytrain you feel like you have run a marathon. The only thing anybody should do in this weather is sit with the waves lapping on their feet while sipping a mango shake. Time to escape the city again methinks.

1 comment:

lillian said...

i couldn't agree more.. why is the beach so far away from Chiang Mai? :-)