Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Farewell Mad Dogs

The final game of the season and the Mad Dogs rose to the challange. Fittingly it was against our arch-rivals, Southerners C (no digs about them being the C team please). Our opponents were surely surprised by our sudden skill and determination and I chuckle about the look on their faces when we were up at half time. They came out fighting. They pushed, shoved and fouled and yet our goals kept going in. Words were exchanged. Bruises created. My fists were clenched - the Rage was brewing. This normally calm and collected girl just wanted to take that black and white clad girl out. Ah it would have been poetry in motion. However, my massage must have worked and rational decisions over-ruled. However, the damage had been done. Concentration was broken. On the final whistle we were 2 goals down. :(

So I salute the Mad Dogs. Girls it has been a pleasure playing with you - thanks for making this time in Bangkok such a giggle. I'm sure there will be plenty more socials before I leave and I wish you good luck for next season. Gggrrrr. Come on Mad Dogs.

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